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Boxes of petitions await submission in Arizona

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, July 1, 2016 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Arizona marijuana supporters turn in nearly 260,000 signatures for ballot measure (3TV News Arizona)

// Oregon’s Senator Helped Deliver a $70,000 Marijuana Tax Payment (Time)

// Hours to deadline, state’s database for medical marijuana users is not ready (The Seattle Times)

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// Rauner signs bill extending medical marijuana program (CT Post)

// Hundreds of medical marijuana shops to shut down with new state rule kicking in Friday (Q13 Fox News Washington)

// More Minnesota medical marijuana clinics means less driving for patients (The Cannabist (AP))

// Marijuana task force to be led by former deputy PM Anne McLellan (CBC News Canada)

// Congressman: Vote against pot banking? Get a tattoo of slain security guard’s name (The Cannabist)

// Colorado Health Department offering grants for marijuana research (Denver Post)

// Industry fights effort to limit pot potency in Colorado (The Cannabist)

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